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Let's face it, graphing calculators are not as versatile with linear algebra constructs as we would like. Lineal aims to solve this, or at least offer solutions to the more pressing issues like rounding error (when given exact figures), quickly adding and removing rows and columns of a matrix, and RR-EFing "tall" matrices without a dimension error. Of course there is missing functionality which, at the moment, amounts to anything that requires approximation or square roots.

Lineal is under the MIT-style license, so hack away.

News Brief

October 8 - A few fixes

Infix parser is still impossible to maintain given its ad-hoc nature. Nothing visible has been added. Sometime soon, I'd like to add more common functions found on calculators and native to CL.

August 18 - Now with shell

Lots of nice things - shell version, multiple lisps are verified to work, decent text-only matrix creation, script, imaginary numbers... Also, I'll try to keep the "latest version" up to date with the git repository. Since fall semester's coming up, and any new developments are time consuming, progress will be sporadic.

July 12 - new release!

Konqueror was rendering the calculator page very poorly and I assume others were as well. It has been cleaned up via CSS.


Release number: 0.1.7
Latest Version - 2008-08-18 - sig
public key


You can browse the Git repository or clone the master branch:

   git clone git:// [subdir name]
and to update after that, use:
   git pull
in whatever directory you made [subdir name].

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